Wild Lost Line by Morlita Quan

Wild Lost Line ENTRADA

With Morlita we have a family bond SL, we have many years of great friendship, besides she spin music in many openings, since the beginning of MetaLES.

We are happy to have this artist and friend this time with an exhibit of image and sound.

Wild Lost Line blog_001(Hall with projections of the images on the wall)

Morlita gets her images from RL photographs and then transforms them with design programs.

Wild Lost Line blog_004

Speaking with Morli, I asked her how would you describe your pictures? and she says …

A latent pictures of schizophrenia

Wild Lost Line blog_015
The exhibition makes you follow a path full of images and sounds

She is an artist known for her music, but she is a very multi-faceted artist.

Always has many projects in different disciplines.

Wild Lost Line blog_002
Sound Machine

At the end of the exhibition, we find a sound machine, where you can experiment and make music.

Thanks so much Morlita for your art!

Morlita Quan is the creator of Uniart Group in SL.

Music by MorlitaM



She loves writing



Wild Lost Line Exhibit until May, 14 – 2017

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The Haul by Haveit Neox



Hauling, on land and in the sea.
Exploring limits and bypassing any respect for them, while stringing our catch into a growing story.

Haveit Neox


Heveit Neox is a great artist , very completed,  building, machinimas & music

His work conveys softness, emotion and fantasy.
Has its own palette of colors that characterizes his work.
The treatment  is delicate and personal.
Great mastery in the choice and position of its textures that create a complex simplicity.


Film: THE HAUL –

Installation, Machinima & Music by Haveit Neox.

This exhibition consists of three heights.

Under the sea we could think, that would represent our society of consumption, elements used and discarded, eaten by time and coral, but this sea is dead.
Rising the unique survivors, the jellyfish adapting to our destruction, guarding within itself, the last human vestiges, like drifting ships …


Additional information about Haveit Neox works:
3D installation artist, and creator of indigenous centaur architecture on the sims ACC Alpha, and Sparquerry.

ACC Alpha sim : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/ACC%20Alpha/87/143/36

Website: http://accalpha.blogspot.com

Haveit Neox Vimeo

The Haul by Haveit Neox @ MetaLES ..O.. Landmark

Exhibition until March, 31- 2017

TUMOR by Igor Ballyhoo


Tumor is the new installation by Igor Ballyhoo at MetaLES

What the artist wants to represent, according to his words

This work is my acknowledgment of greed for material things of human kind which is so powerful that it is going to cost us our own existence. This is not effort to fight it, it is not made in least hope to change anything, it is just a recording of my observation of human society at this point.

I dedicate this work to person who unknowingly inspired it, one of the richest people alive, woman who made her fortune on coal digging, Gina Rinehart.

Igor Ballyhoo.


Machinima 360° by Erythro Asimov of build Tumor by Igor Ballyhoo @ MetaLES..O..
Thanks so much Erythro is amazing!

First Second Life 360° video using a moving camera
Filmed in SL with IOL Camera 360 v0.12
Stiched with IOL Camera 360° Scripts and Hugin


Little Planet by Erythro Asimov @ Tumor by Igor Ballyhoo



Igor in his exhibitions seeks social issues affecting the human race, perhaps it aims to raise awareness


    Machinima by Malu Zhao , Thanks


Photograph work by Kimeu Kamolla

Metales III

You can enjoy the exhibition until November, 30   2016

Don’t miss it!

MetaLES ..O.. LM

MetaLES ..O.. Flickr


Rebeca Bashly – Queen’s Gambit Declined

Rebeca Bashly for me is one of the best artists in Second Life, has a work that radiates strength and concept.

When Rebeca puts her works, personally cause in me an impact as if a strong heartbeat, were as big as the heart of thorns shown in this installation.

Rebeca 01

Elegance is one of its great qualities, creating forms and details of an exquisite aesthetic.




ScreenHunter_01 Apr. 23 19.06

In life as in chess all the result depends on our decisions and thoughts,

Rebeca Bashly plunges us into a maze of different thoughts, feelings and choices

And here we can see several of the plays performed Rebeca Bashly in her immortal game of instalation art.

Sicilian labyrinth


Giuoco piano


The kiss of death
Chess opening tree
Bird’s opening
Rebeca Bashly 2
The immortal game


you want to try?

Exhibit April 8 to june 8,   2016


Heart Flyer

Door to MetaLES

Rebeca Bashly Flickr