Tout est allumé by Tutsy Navarathna


Tout est allumé is the new machinima art and animation exhibit by Tutsy Navarathna at MetaLES ..O..

Tutsy’s work, always of exceptional quality, with machinimas gifted of aesthetics, intense concept and his particular humor touch, make us travel between reality and virtuality, among fables, myths and solipsism.

The virtual world, its landscapes, its characteristics and possibilities, are recounted and devised. It is like observant who becomes narrator of metaverse, leading us to a new dimensions.

Tutsy’s installation transport us to a factory to the imaginary journeys and perhaps not so imaginarys, offers us a inimitable travel of a new experience visual and acoustic show that you should not miss.

You can enjoy the exhibit the November, 5 to January, 1  2017



Tout est allumé

A friend of mine, Etienne Armand Amato, once mentioned this:
It’s because we only have one life we need . . . several.

Virtual reality, augmented reality, virtual life, immersive worlds … These new words describe a part of our future.
My movies in Second Life try to show how virtuality is part of our reality. The influence it has on our thoughts, our artistic creations, our friendly or romantic relationships.
A phenomenon still very young, virtual life has a bright future and like all major revolutions it is worth to see more closely, trying to understand, even flying too close to the sun and burn your wings . . .

Hope you will enjoy 🙂

Tutsy Navarathna


For those who are unfamiliar with the word Machinima
Machinima is a term from the English (for “machine” which means machine and “cinema”) which refers to creating animations using video games or metaverse grid. In a broad sense, any piece of linear audiovisual content as a short film, series or film made with settings, characters or ‘engines’ game or Metaverse can also be seen as machinima. The key is that creation is given in real time.

And the word Machinima leded by Tutsy’s hand, can be called Machinima Art

The RESIDENTS by  Tutsy NAvArAthnA

Tutsy’s Youtube Channel

Tutsy’s Flickr

Opening party machinima by Tutsy, genial!


Full sim dimension ,the big exhibition full of movies and animations.


Special thanks to Yoon (Toyono Resident) for her technical support and effort that has made possible this installation.

And excellent blog post she made about the exhibition Tout est alluméRezatar


Working… ;]

Media instructions:

Download QuickTime


Windligth sim : Nigth

Streaming audio: Off

If you have any problem for see the videos in world, Tutsy give the urls for open with the browser, in points of the exhibition.

We hope you enjoy!

MetaLES ..O.. Landmark

Tutsy has created a Machinima with the animated images of the exhibition

Tout est allumé

Excellent Tutsy, this is a pioner 2D exhibit