Wild Lost Line by Morlita Quan

Wild Lost Line ENTRADA

With Morlita we have a family bond SL, we have many years of great friendship, besides she spin music in many openings, since the beginning of MetaLES.

We are happy to have this artist and friend this time with an exhibit of image and sound.

Wild Lost Line blog_001(Hall with projections of the images on the wall)

Morlita gets her images from RL photographs and then transforms them with design programs.

Wild Lost Line blog_004

Speaking with Morli, I asked her how would you describe your pictures? and she says …

A latent pictures of schizophrenia

Wild Lost Line blog_015
The exhibition makes you follow a path full of images and sounds

She is an artist known for her music, but she is a very multi-faceted artist.

Always has many projects in different disciplines.

Wild Lost Line blog_002
Sound Machine

At the end of the exhibition, we find a sound machine, where you can experiment and make music.

Thanks so much Morlita for your art!

Morlita Quan is the creator of Uniart Group in SL.

Music by MorlitaM



She loves writing



Wild Lost Line Exhibit until May, 14 – 2017

MetaLES Teleport





ILLoGism by ChimKami


Exhibition composed by 55 photographs of the artist ChimKami Resident

For me ChimKami has that cute grotesque touch, she likes strong colors.


And the exposure itself does not have a conductive line, ILLoGism of course


When you land at the arrival point, you will find some explanatory panels

so that you can receive a walker object, to walk on any surface, no matter

if it is a wall the ceiling diagonally or horizontally, the experience makes

you lose the sense of right and back -up or down.


Excellent Machinima by Tutsy NAvArAthnA


On a surface of a full SIM² squared  (A giant dimension )

And those big eyes looking at you, and making you feel inside a dollhouse


Finding in this way the works of the artist which are located illogically.


Between spaces decorated by ChimKami and Leica Arado.


Exhibit 2D 3D

Providing a fun and illogical experience.

We hope you enjoy!

Landmark to ILLoGism by ChimKami @ MetaLES ..O..

I would like to share in this blog post with ChimKami, three excellents photos made by Yoon.