– Bury your fears – bury your dreams –

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We are pleased to present the artist Selavy Oh,  with the new work

– Bury your fears – bury  your dreams –

“Bury your fears – bury your dreams“ is a multimedia work consisting of three interdependent parts:

  •  A real-life series of interventions at various german graveyards from 2014-2016
  •  A book available for purchase documenting and complementing the interventions.
  • A full-sim installation at the sim MetaLES, July -August  2016  in the virtual world of second life.

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Bury your fears- bury  your dreams


Open to September 14 2016



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It is not the first exhibition of the artist Selavy Oh at MetaLES

The first exhibition was Conformational change . 2012

Interactive, a great  game scripts and geometry of the cubes moement, with the precise and perfect displacement of 1000 prims, changing with the impact of the participant.



conformational change blog

Selavy and i